My Husband has graduated! Woo!!!! I cannot tell you how relieved and happy I am for Jon as well as proud! Not only did he finish University while moving around 6 times, getting into a serious relationship while pastoring a church, then getting married, becoming a father, and having a series of jobs through out this time, he did it well! Not just because he is naturally intelligent, but because he is the type of person who gives himself to things 100%. Although it was very difficult (and I really don’t know how he survived) he managed to do incredible despite the odds! 

I think the air in our apartment has become lighter. A huge season has ended and a new one can begin! 

I am so proud of my hubby, so I wanted to do something special for him. I am not well acquainted with award ceremonies or other special things like that, so I just did the ones I could think of :)

The cutting of the red ribbon (except all I had was red lace…)

Being Knighted! (With a large sparkler…) 

A letter from the Queen of England! (legit obviously…)

In case you can’t read it, this is what she said:

Dear Jonathan Dietrich Boerger,

 I have heard recently of your outstanding and noble character upon pursuing and finishing your degree at the University of Toronto. I herby honour you greatly and award you with the titles as follows: 

 Courageous, Faithful, Meek, and Brave.

 May you continue to astound the world around you with your wisdom and grace.


 Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

Then the Crowning ceremony.

 A kiss from the beautiful princess!

and maybe another…

And of course, the best gift of all, a beautiful child for the handsome graduate! 

I love you babe! You did amazing! 

And now love…ONWARD! 

Adventure is out there!!!x

Melissa Speaking:

Some of the nicer terms for bum cleavage:

Builder’s Crack
Plumber’s Crack
Coin Slot
Sideways Smile

Though we try to come up with polite, some not so polite, but humourous names for it…we have all been subjected to the scarring experience of someones pant line being a little to low, they bend over and HELLO! I didn’t want to see that! We must come up with other things to call it to ease our troubled minds then say what it really is: a horrific experience! (Not to mention when it’s covered in hair).

I thought the drafty belt line could never be redeemed to anything but the ugly squish that it is UNTILL…Bear with me…

I saw the cutest little plumber bum and it was my son’s! Something has been saved today. Maybe, just maybe, not all bum cleavage is bad after all. This could be the beginning of something profound! Or It could be that babies are just darn cute no matter what they wear or do…even when my little guy is smothered in poo! Yes, that is probably the true answer. Nothing could be more adorable than a fresh baby bum! 

OK, so Melissa decided to blame me—because I’m part German—for stealing underwear (see previous post).


I did not do the load of laundry that the purloined panties appeared in; I merely retrieved the laundry from the dryer where my wife left it—nothing more, nothing less.


Melissa stole the underwear.


Somebody tried to frame her by planting truant briefs in the dryer.

I have alibis that will prove my innocence as well.



Wool panties!?  Ew, sounds uncomfortable.

Today was laundry day…

I have not yet caught the criminal underwear thief, but as of today I must ask myself the hard question: am I sleeping with the enemy? 
Obsurd you may think but think again for the unthinkable has come to my attention!

It is hard enough to do laundry with Noah around when Jon is not home. And so while my good friend watched him while I put a load in the washer and then a half hour later in the dryer (you know how it goes). Pretty usual and uneventful so far. However, after my friend left for work I could not pick up my laundry but had to wait for Jon to come home first. Since I was busy getting dinner ready I asked Jon to get the laundry out of the dryers for me. After a nice meal and a relaxing movie I set off to do the mountainous task of ‘dun dun duuuuun’ folding the clothes.

While in the midst of folding I find these:

Not my husbands! Now because I put the laundry in the washer I KNOW it was not there before and so I ponder:

Could it be that my husband is the culprit? Or is somebody framing him? Was my husband stealing his own underwear so I wouldn’t suspect him? Or did he really want new underwear for christmas that badly? But then why would he steal someone else’s? My husband is German after all but he is not old…unless he disguised himself! Or perhaps it runs in their blood ;) Maybe it is a desire, a stronghold within, a secret pleasure, to steal underwear! Ok…thats a bit frightening…as well a tad awkward.

Say its not so! Sometimes I curse my genius spy-detective skills! If only I could ignore the signs, turn a blind eye! But no, the need for justice is as close to my very soul as underwear is to this criminal! If I must turn my husband in, oh God, I must!

God save us all! 

Ps If you are wondering, what the heck is going on, then see my last post Laundry Intruder

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